Jewellery care

Maintaining your Jewellery

Everyone loves to own a sparking set of jewellery, but the problem usually lies in maintaining its shine. We have come up with simple tips that will ensure your jewellery retains its glow over the years to come.

It is very essential to store your jewellery in a cool and dry place to avoid oxidation which usually happens when exposed to moisture during storage. Store each item separately in a pouch and then in a jewellery box to avoid scratches, also do not toss them as scratches occur when pieces of jewellery rub against each other. Always store them in tarnish proof drawers. Avoid exposure of direct light for longer periods of time. Do not wrap your jewellery with rubber bands.

Use a simple cotton cloth while cleaning your jewellery. In case the jewellery gets tarnished, clean only with liquid polish or jewellery cleaning paste which is easily available at jewellery stores.

Kindly take off your jewellery while swimming, washing hands, applying hairsprays or perfumes to avoid any kind of exposure to chemicals.